Infinity Speaks to us all in different ways…

Our team creates inner journeys that are heart centered and come from the inside out.

Designed to lead you on a path towards deeper connection and inner peace, in our intense and rapidly changing world, we use mediums such as Virtual Reality to create transformative spaces where you can reconnect to your “true nature”.

You are invited to explore our website, connect on Discord and join this community of human beings on the journey of embodiment.

Listening now, what is Infinity saying to you?


powerful embodied change

The power of Virtual Reality lies in its immersiveness, supporting embodied Integral Life practices.  VR’s interactivity offers a sense of freedom to the player. 3D and spatial depth of player spaces are unmatched by the same experience on a 2D flat screen. Research shows how our brain interprets VR 3D environments as ‘real’ spaces that generate sense perceptions and body responses.  Our bodies remember these inner journeys and emotions, carrying them beyond VR space into our daily lives.

We are called to explore the infinite within…


our wish & offer

Our enthusiasm for ‘Crytpo’ stems from the liberating power it offers humanity. Whilst its ‘newness’ means that some aspects of it seem a little like the wild west, this can often be the case with emergent phenomena. Just as the central force of evolution is present in all our lives, so it is with Crytpo.

The wisdom of evolution inspired us to contribute to this space with a series of Soulful NFTs.  The Infinity Speaks series of NFTs’ purpose is to do good in the world, firstly by funding this project, so that it is free from unwanted money centred power dynamics, and secondly to give back through donations to selected causes.

We are evolving and developing our NFT concept.
Stay tuned for our new announcement for the 1st drop.



‘Divine Timing’ is our guide. We follow lifelines, unattached to deadlines, and we listen. The creative process is deeply intertwined with being a whole and integrated human. It cannot be pushed or rushed. It must be allowed to unfold as each sacred whisper appears.

A fundamental part of Infinity Speaks inner journeys is that of ‘safety’. When you begin a journey you will always start from the home hub, a place of coziness and comfortable conviviality. Doors from the home hub will lead to different waking up, growing up and cleaning up adventures. It’s your choice where and when to go and play in each of these spaces. Adventures will lead you through practices and exercises, eventually to some type of shift experience and finally, after a restful time of integration you land back in the home hub, ready to take what you learned out into the real embodied world as your new self.

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Six people make up our core team. We share a love of travelling on the path of inner growth, where there is a sense of the infinite possibilities inside of us. We came together through a series of synchronicities, guided by ‘Infinity’.  She gave each of us and the collective a mission, provide a ‘voice’ for me to speak my truth to the world so that people may come to know more about themselves and others, in so doing bringing greater inner and outer peace. Our capacities and skills fit together, like a tree and the soil, providing a vibrant and fertile We Space from which to hear her voice, manifesting what she calls for with love and kindness. We are blessed with a few special partner organizations that help support us to create, manifest and expand.

If you feel the call of Infinity or resonance with our team and project, please get in touch with us.

Healing and Thriving

Emotionally, Mentally and Integrally

Clinical and Academic studies have shown that inner journeys, designed to induce states of peace, calm and relaxation have a measurable effect on the participant’s emotional states, supporting a reduction in anxiety, stress and depression. We aim to create surroundings and journeys deep into the ‘self’ and the beauty of creation, to generate feelings like: safety, peace, acceptance, wonder, inspiration, gratitude, interconnectedness and awe. NB: our journeys avoid any activities that may cause trauma.

When we heal ourselves, we contribute to the healing of the collective.




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