We are evolving and developing our NFT concept.
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currently still under creation • samples below



Collectors will have the ability to exchange NFTs in order to receive a higher tier NFT.

Our first series of NFTs is called the Great Infinite NFTree of Peace. The catalogue is made up of 13x MP4 videos, available on three tiers, 9x @ tier one, 3x @ tier two and 1x @ tier 3, all based on the path to becoming a whole integrated human being.

There are 1080 pieces available in each of the 13x limited sets. NFTs are available only for purchase at tier one. Tier two and three are available only through exchanging a complete set from the previous lower level.

For example, in order to receive 1x tier 2 Waking up NFT/video, you will need to exchange the 3x tier one Waking up NFTs. In order to receive the ultimate, top of the NFTree, tier three NFT, you will need to exchange a complete set of tier two (1 of each of Waking, Growing, Cleaning up).

NFTs may be traded between NFT holders. Please note that there is a 2% royalty charge for each buy and sell transaction.

Tier one or tier two NFTs that have been exchanged and placed in the Infinity Speaks donation wallet will be available for sale and the proceeds from this will be donated to a good cause, that will be selected by our community.




We explored ways to fund our project, the most promising and effective approach was identified to be the release of a set of NFTs. We want to make use of the great potential that decentralized blockchain technology has to offer, always focusing on the highest goals for humanity.

This can be thought of as the next generation of crowdfunding with additional benefits for donors or NFT buyers and other useful utility.


We use CARDANO for our NFTs.


Our purpose is to support humanity on its journey of Waking up, Growing up, Cleaning up so that we can Show up as a collective of good, peaceful and loving human beings. This intention is reflected in the NFTs, their messages, energy imprints, visuals and sounds. See the sample NFT #8 video below

Each unique NFT entitles the holder to a gift and those with a complete set of three tier 1 or tier 2 NFTs receive additional gifts when they are exchanged for tier 2 and tier 3 tokens respectively, as shown in the table below.

The powerful benefit of an Act of Altruism also accrues to the NFT holder making an exchange as these tokens will go into a donation wallet and be on-sold with the proceeds being given to worthy causes.


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What are NFTs?

NFTs are one-of-a-kind cryptographic assets that exist on blockchain ledger technology. Due to their uniqueness, NFTs are nonfungible, which means they are not mutually interchangeable. This contrasts with fungible assets — such as a one-dollar bill, a piece of gold or a bitcoin — easily interchanged with like items.

In the case of Infinity Speaks NFTs/videos they each have a unique number and each asset entitles the holder with utility (gift rights, donation rights and exchange rights).

The appeal of NFTs lies in their unique identification as well as the tamper-resistant blockchain. Thanks to blockchain ledger, the tokens cannot be copied, removed or destroyed making changes transparent and traceable.

Blockchain also enables NFTs to be tracked back to their real owners and eliminates the need for third-party verification. Blockchain protects the ownership of the NFT, giving the owner the exclusive right to conduct transactions and transfer the token. Even the issuer of the NFT cannot replicate or change the token´s policy once it is minted on the blockchain.

Future use cases for NFTs include; self-empowerment for artists, inventors etc., because they will be able to prove ownership, patents and intellectual property without the need of a third party. Like we do, it can be used as a next generation of crowdfunding with more flexibility and no time constraints of receiving donations and benefits back in turn. Other use cases are authentication of physical goods, ensuring authenticity of products, Votes – where blockchain and NFTs make it impossible to manipulate elections, and many more.

Blockchain technologies – a holistic introduction
The blockchain technology was introduced to the world in 2009 with Bitcoin as the first cryptocurrency using blockchain technology for peer-2-peer transactions.

Today cryptocurrencies are a topic of great controversy. There is a lot of misinformation and distraction. This is due to the fact that it is a powerful technology with the potential to change major structures of our society like the financial system and obviously there is resistance to that.

Also it is a complex topic and not easy understand in a holistic way.

We believe that this is paramount in understanding its potential and risks. Therefore we recommend to have a look for Greg Braden´s Video dealing with topic of Blockchain, Bitcoin and current debates.

Why Use the Cardano Blockchain ?

Cardano is a third generation proof-of-stake blockchain project founded by Charles Hoskinson and is based on scientific research in the fields of cybersecurity and engineering experts. Cardano’s native cryptocurrency is called ADA, after Ada Lovelace, a famous 19th century mathematician.

It is a highly ambitious project trying to solve major issues identified for the first and second generations of blockchains which are represented by Bitcoin* and Ethereum.

Those problems are:

  • scalability:
    • transactions per second are highly scalable for Cardano what is an important parameter for a global payment system
    • network bandwidth is improved using a technology called RINA which allows to split the whole network into aggregated subnetworks that can communicate with each other more efficiently.
    • data storage (will be tackled in the future)
    • gas fess or transaction costs are cheap compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum, ranging around 0.1 ADA per transaction.
  • interoperability
    • Cardano intends to be interoperable what is called „internet of blockchains“ meaning being able to seamlessly transfer assets across multiple blockchains.
    • Governments and banks want transparency for transactions what can be achieved by using the Cardano blockchain by voluntarily attaching metadata information to any transaction. This is up to the user to expose that information. Generally it is a matter of great controversy.
  • Sustainability
    • to guarantee that the Cardano project is continuously being developed and improved is solved by a treasury. The basic mechanism is that for each transaction on the Cardano blockchain there is a little fee which goes in to a treasury wallet which no one is in control of but a smart contract. Based on that smart contract, developers which want to improve the Cardano blockchain and having the entitlement to do so which is an approved Cardano improvement proposal (CIP) provided by the community, will get paid accordingly. This mechanism makes Cardano independent of one-off funding events which are commonly referred to as so called ICOs – initial coin offerings. This should enable the continous development of the Cardano blockchain over time.

Not all solutions are implemented from the start, so there is no guarantee that all known issues will be completely solved in the future. Anyways this is an evolution of technology. The current roadmap and details about advances in the Cardano project can be viewed here:


*There is a lot of controversy about the low scalability of Bitcoin and other seemingly old-fashioned and non-sustainable mechanisms like mining and proof of work. However, it is fact that those characteristics make Bitcoin the most secure and independent/decentralized network in the world.
For further insights we highly recommend to watch Greg Braden´s videos dealing with the topic of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. Please move to the section „Blockchain technologies – a holistic introduction“

How to buy INFINITY SPEAKS NFTs? • Tutorial
Before the first NFT release which will be around June 30th, we will prepare a tutorial video with a step-by-step instruction.
which trading exchanges should I use?
First and foremost the Cardano market places can be used to resell or buy our NFTs. Those ones are e.g. CNFT and Tokhun

Also exchanges like Binance can be used potentially, however NFTs need to be deposited on the Binance Smart Chain. That Multi-chain support is already available for the Binance Smart chain, however usability needs to be improved.
More information are available HERE

Which wallets do we recommend?

We recommend Cardano wallets such as Nami or GeroWallet that allow you to see NFTs directly in your wallet. Also worth noting is that Yoroi will implement a new NFT Viewing Gallery soon. You can find out all about that HERE

Alternatively, you can utilise online tools like that display NFTs in your wallet. All you need to do is insert your the ID of the NFT in your wallet into the search bar and the your NFT will be displayed will all the relevant metadata.


Our project funding is based on donations and sponsoring, including the opportunity to become a major sponsor if you feel called.


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