What we stand For 



An early step on this journey, an important one, was to articulate our purpose, hopes, dreams, aspirations and write our charter: what does Infinity Speaks stand for?

We also wanted our charter to be practical and grounded, offering guidance to us through the ups and downs, supporting decision making and most importantly be an anchor point for our evolution from a project into a thriving community.

The charter enshrines hexagon energies, visualizing a world that is:

  • Balanced in feminine and masculine
  • Bright and filled with light
  • In a golden age of time
  • Heart centered

Liberation and Freedom

Our charter also embodies a sense of action and movement, pathways, journeys and energies leading to liberation:

  • Sacred community and family
  • Liberating use of technologies
  • Living with the principles of nature
  • Peace and freedom for all


A staircase to Infinity at the centre symbolizes:


  • Living a life of infinite possibilities
  • The power of love overcoming the love of power
  • Wisdom and courage to do what is right
  • Inner Strength of the ‘We’, Reflection and Meditation


team management, content creation, production, public relations

Alistair lived a fairly conventional life, building a family, a career in Information Technology over 30 years and travelling extensively. There was often a deeper sense, at times, of something more and a set of experiences that seemed unexplainable. Since 2014 a storm of growing up, waking up, and cleaning up blew through his life so that he shows up now as PeacefAl, writing poetry, coaching, dancing, playing, & seeking out the infinite opportunities to create a more heart centered world.


art direction, game development, graphics & videos

Ming is an artist, filmmaker and animator specialising in illustrating invisible realms and inner journeys. In his artistic projects Void Visuals and Ambient Sanctum, he combines his experiences of exploring the spectrum of consciousness with the technical skills of digital animation and music. Along with his own productions, Ming’s works have been used in many documentaries and publications around the world. Together with Alistair, Ming is the Co-founder of Infinity Speaks and is currently leading the art direction and game development.


content creation, music and sound, voice guide, organization

Johanne is a healing artist, soul doula and conscious entrepreneur. Passionate about the power of heart, listening and presence, she holds sacred spaces for deeper remembrance and reconnection with our truth and creative essence. As Lothoniel, she expresses her love for harmony, beauty and nature through singing, music and dance. For over 20 years, she experienced many stages and collaborations around the world while guiding people in their own creative adventures and inner journeys. Her path of exploration with voice, sound, energies and body work continuously shows her how to transmute contractions into expansion, aligning us back with our natural state of aliveness, oneness and flow. And as a voice guide, creativity coach and soul midwife, she inspires and celebrates people in their growth, empowerment and rebirth. Her calling is to live a path of embodied creativity, wisdom and love supported by her vision to co-create a world where we are reconnected to our sovereignty, freedom and peace. In that spirit, she is dedicated to the music, meditation and content creation at Infinity Speaks.


game development, UX design, product management

As a conscious technologist Julius has found his Ikigai in creating transformative tech applications for more mindful, heartful and meaningful interactions. Through synchronicities this has brought him to Infinity Speaks where he is mostly wearing the hats of a developer and interaction designer to craft soul-touching VR experiences. Besides his fascination for VR he truly believes in the potential of neurotech to increase consciousness and wellbeing. Thus he parallely also works as product manager on a biotech platform where he brings his heart and vision in to treat mental health conditions using biofeedback.


integral education, content creation, community building

Anna is an accomplished and highly experienced ‘people developer’ with a proven track record of assisting organizations, teams and individuals to gain the knowledge, skills and experience which fulfil their needs and ambitions. She regularly delivers training courses, teaches at several colleges and universities and gives consultations within a variety of contexts on issues such as Valuing Diversity, Cosmopolitan Communication and Integral Competence. She knows current and future trends in adult learning and motivation, and how to use them and shape the learning strategy, culture and environment based on important principles like: integrity, inclusiveness, sustainability and flexibility, attuned to the greater whole and including and transcending all previous levels of development.


content creation, screen writing

Lee has over 3 decades of experience creating content within the areas of business, education, healthcare and entertainment. His work includes voice-over scripts for Nokia commercials, a non-fiction book about achieving meaningful goals and a short film to promote health among adolescents. Lee has created music albums within three different genres (rock, pop and electronic) and he also wrote the script for the short Virtual Reality film Nowhere, which won two film festival awards. As a teacher, he has facilitated courses and workshops for students of universities in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Den Bosch and Eindhoven. With a background as a physical therapist and coach, Lee’s online courses about health, well-being and personal growth include various practices designed to help people develop a healthy exercise routine and transform unpleasant emotions, unproductive thoughts and limiting beliefs.


technical advisor

Johannes is the creative force behind Flowborne, an innovative VR experience that enhances breathing through biofeedback. With a background in health psychology and applied scientific research, he brings a deep understanding of technology-assisted stress management techniques, including biofeedback, and the analysis of psychophysiological data. As a software developer, Johannes merges his passion for virtual reality with his expertise in evidence-based psychological interventions. His work focuses on creating engaging and beneficial interaction concepts that support well-being and help humans thrive. Johannes joined the Infinity Speaks team in early 2023, where he currently serves as a technical advisor in the development team, leveraging his unique blend of psychological insight and technical acumen.



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