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In alignment with our values

Infinity Speaks is a Social Impact Project and in order to thrive needs to be funded from sources that are in alignment with its intentions, evolution, energy and consciousness.

We have chosen to decline traditional Venture Capital offers, in order to stay aligned with our values.

We have chosen to find alternatives to Venture Capital interest and instead take an approach of self-funding, using founder resources as the seed during this initial stage, covering some time and expenses to complete our VR MVP/Prototype App.

At project Go Live on 30 June 2022, some 2000 hours of effort had been contributed by members in exchange for tokens, to be repaid at some later date, when and if funds permit. Tokens are based on the Infinite Energies of ‘Acts of Altruism’ and ‘Freedom from Fear’, in the spirit of Being of Service and donating one’s time for the greater good.

Over the next 12 months of the project, we plan to build our Early Access VR App,  deliver a set of Daily Meditations, and depending on the success of the NFTs, develop this further.

We are grateful to receive donations and funding from anyone who feels in resonance and wants to support our project.

Every donator will receive the same perks in accordance to the purchase of an NFT. As a major Sponsor your name or company Logo can be displayed in our “partner” section. For these different perks, please contact us concerning your donation.

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